How to Make Money Online From Content Revenue Sharing

make moneyAre you gifted in writing and do you want to make money online? Making money online gets easier with the use of revenue sharing sites. Regardless of whether you have a website or blog, you can get paid for your contributions you make in the sites. The sites share with you the income generated based on the clicks by Google Ads and other programs the sites use to monetize the traffic. The key to getting paid by these sites is by writing high-quality articles.

What are Revenue Sharing Sites?

Revenue sharing sites are sites that allow one to write content for them and share the income that is earned on the site. The revenue generated gets shared between the content creator and the service provider with the percentage often favoring the content creator. Not only writing, but others also allow you to earn for their products that get advertised on your site. Revenue sharing sites encourage quality writers to sign up and create content that is published on a hosted platform. The site then shares part of the advertising revenue to the content owner.

To make money from revenue sharing sites, you need to be creative, disciplined, have a good command of languages and be a great researcher. High-quality content is essential to get paid. Other critical pointers to put into practice include the following;

  • In most cases, write for one site and familiarize yourself with the site
  • Contribute useful content regularly
  • Always distribute and promote your content.
  • Take advantage of the social media automation tools at your disposal.
  • Abide by all terms of service set by the sites

Top Revenue Sharing Sites to Work With

  1. HubPages – HubPages is an excellent and popular revenue sharing site that allow writers to share tips, reviews, advice and insights. You get paid from the Google AdSense revenue that the site generates from Google, and other methods of monetizing it uses.usa today
  2. Squidoo – Squidoo is a popular site that allows one to create single web pages about any interesting topics of their choice. There is a revenue sharing platform where you get paid.
  3. CreateSpace – CreateSpace allows content creators to make money by publishing and selling books on the web. You are only charged a processing fee and earn from sales.
  4. Bukisa – With Bukisa, you post articles depending on the rates set for every 1000 article page views your content attracts.
  5. Daily Wiki – With DailyWiki, you get an opportunity to write articles and earn some advertising revenue share. DailyWiki equally gives you a chance to receive other prices.

What to Consider When Choosing Revenue Sharing Site

There are quite many critical factors to consider when making a choice on the revenue sharing site to work for. Key factors you to consider include the following;

  • The website traffic. Do not waste your valuable time writing articles for a site that does not have good traffic.
  • The revenue sharing model used by the site. Always go for those sites with revenue percentages that favor the content creator.
  • Work for sites that allow the content creator to retain the right to rejected articles
  • Write for a site that has a thriving writers’ forum
  • Work for sites with friendly and responsive support.

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