How to Make Money Online From Video Sharing

sharingVideo sharing is a way of increasing your online presence through the creation of videos and then uploading them to the web to be viewed by different people. In the recent past, marketers have identified video sharing as a way to make money as opposed to the traditional reasons for uploading videos for fun. It is for these reasons that there are plenty of videos sharing sites promoting the same. Some of the most reputable sites include;

  1. YouTube

Otherwise known as the mother of all videos, YouTube is the most popular video sharing site. However, there are some basics that every user needs to know about the platform. Users can only upload videos with a maximum capacity of 2 GB and ten minutes or less if using a basic account. Again, once a video successfully uploads there is no option to edit, but you can add additional information and links. However, apart from this, YouTube gives no restrictions on the number of videos one can upload on the site.

  1. Vimeo

Vimeo acts as a combination of both video sharing and social networking site. The fast-growing platform is a choice for many due to its unique feature of holding prof-looking videos. Additionally, Vimeo has three different options for its users;

  • Vimeo basic account- a free version but with a few limitations
  • Vimeo Plus- for only $59.95 per year and with a variety of features
  • Vimeo Pro- Best for professionals and businesses with a subscription of $199 per year
  1. DailyMotion

Based in French, Daily motion allows its users to view and upload videos by searching their tags or groups. DailyMotion allows video uploads to the maximum of 2 GB at a time frame of 60 minutes. Moreover, the video quality should be 12780*720p.

  1. Metacafé

Metacafé is popular for short videos. Its categories range from video games to music to movies to sports and even TV. Users, however, are only allowed to upload each video only once. The best deal with this site is that, if you upload a video and then hits 20000 views, then you get paid $5 for every 1000 views.

Steps to making money with video sharing

videoGet a site

Above we have discussed the top four sites for video sharing, now select your preferred platform. After this, open your account and be keen in the account name you choose. An easy to remember account name will help your fans easily identify you. Depending on your site of choice, you may have to opt for either a free version or premium. The rule of the thumb is, if you are a beginner, start off with a free version and later upgrade when you understand the field’s loopholes.

Get your videos

It’s time to upload your videos for the world to see. You can upload own videos or obtain them from other sites that do not have restrictions on video rights. Most sharing sites allow users to exchange videos and upload them elsewhere. However, always read the terms of use lest you be accused of infringing copyrights.

Start making money

There are a variety of ways you can make money here. Money can come in through click on ads, banner ads or sell real products where you get a commission for the same. The rule here is to get as much traffic visiting your account as possible. As the traffic increases, you can result in promoting established companies with banner ads and as a result, get handsome commissions.

It is evident that video sharing is a fun way of making money online for everybody who loves the internet. Follow the above guidelines and start your journey into the world of online money earners.

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