How to Make Money Online From Site Flipping

flip domainWebsite flipping refers to the act of buying and selling websites. Some entrepreneurs make the deal better by creating a well-designed and profitable website and then selling it a handsome price. Website flipping is quite similar to real estate. An investor creates an attractive property and then gives prospective buyers a quality asset while at the same time making a good amount of the resale value.

Steps to making money with site flipping

  1. Choose a niche

Any topic that people are searching for online is a niche. Be careful on the niche you choose. For instance coming up with a knitting niche is alright. However, who are to be the audience. Is it old ladies? These old women will probably not visit your site and even worse not pay to get tips on knitting. Then, the success of the niche may be nil. Always go for a niche that has a target audience ready to pay for your offers.

  1. Select your keywords

Use Google Ad words Keyword Planner to get keywords suitable for your niche. The deal is, the primary keyword needs to have less than 100000 competing websites. Otherwise, the site will not get enough traffic.

  1. Add supporting keywords

Once you launch your site, populate it with great content that based on the chosen keywords. A minimum of 50 articles will attract a high value. Consider choosing around 15 keywords that relate to your primary keyword.

  1. Buy a domain

domainThe best domain name is one that matches your keyword. It will help it rank higher in search engines. The best domains include .com, .net, .org (for less commercialized sites) and .info (if you do not have an option). Remember always to take a keyword rich domain.

  1. Create content

You can get free templates all over the internet. Go for a simple and clean template that has space for Ad sense ads. Once you have the template, get into action and write your content. The content needs to be supported by chosen keywords. A minimum of 50 articles of 500 words each is ok with keywords repeated, at least, three times.

  1. Submit your site to search engines

Never wait for Google crawlers to look for you; it may take long. Submit the articles to search engines’ submission site. Although Google is the most popular, trying Bing, Yahoo and MSN will do no harm.

  1. Promote the site

With sites like, you can quickly find what people are searching. Aim at helping people with their concerns; get back links to your site and even offer guest posting with links to your site. The practice will not only assist in the ranking of your site but also its overall promotion.

  1. Generate cash

With Google Ad sense, take your site to the level of producing, at least, $15 monthly. With so doing, you will manage to bring $800 to the site. However, to make this possible the site needs to be among the top 10 on Google ranking based on your keyword.

  1. Flip and sell it

You are now ready to sell your website. You can create more sites and by following above steps make good money from creating and selling websites.

Flipping sites

  1. Site point

The online resource based in Australia offers a great platform for web developers to exercise their skills and make money through website flipping.

  1. Flippa

Flippa started off as part of Site point but later took its path. Today, the site has over $140 million users since its launching in 2009. Website flipping is not a one-day affair. To emerge successfully, you need to dedicate time and energy as well as patience. With these three factors and a strict follow-up of all the pointers above, you will emerge a pro.

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