How to Make Money from Publishing Online Books

publishAre you skilled in writing? Are you creative with good command for languages? Book publishing offers a lucrative and simple way to make good money online. There are many platforms designed to assist writers in making good money from book publishing. Notable is the Amazon Platform known as Kindle that is relatively simple to set up. You need to sign up for a free Kindle Publishing Account and get yourself started.

The act of publishing an eBook is both exciting and daunting at the same time. Writing an eBook is the hard part, publishing isn’t. In book publishing, the most vital aspect is quality. Many online books get self-published every day. Many are poorly written, badly formatted and woefully edited. Books of such caliber won’t have sale irrespective of the low pricing they may attract. The key to making money with eBooks lies on getting everything done right from the start. This guide takes you through all the vital steps to get you commenced in the world of making money online through eBooks.

How do eBooks Make Money

The act of writing and publishing eBooks presents an excellent way to earn money passively hence a good online money making venture. With Amazon Kindle platform, you get 70% of the royalties from the sales the book make. The platform does all the aspects of publishing and marketing. A well-written book will attract sales even without you having to market it. If Amazon recognizes your book as a quality product, you are bound to make lots of money. For your content to be recognized as a quality one, you need to sell lots of copies up front and get good reviews.

Getting started on publishing eBooks

content createThere are limitless opportunities to grow and expand your businesses by writing and publishing books. A compelling eBook is insightful and instills a lot of valuable income from your audience. Outlined are some vital steps you need to follow to have your eBook up and running.

  1. Define your target audience

The first step involved in writing an eBook is identifying who your audience is. Without a particular audience in mind, you will not be able to get the required traffic and subscription to push for sales. You need to know your target to write a book in a manner that builds a relationship with them.

  1. Choose your writing platforms

As the book writer, you have an obligation to listen and respond to your audience and build a relationship with them. This facilitation can only be done if you have a platform. There are many self-publishing platforms, and you need to do your research right. Apart from these publishing platforms, you need to be engaged in social media to listen to your audience, respond to them and promote your content.

Notable of these platforms include;

– Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing

– Nook Press

– iBook Authors

– Kobo Writing Life (KWL)

– Smashwords, among others.

  1. Write your eBook

Now that you have your target in mind, you have a blog and some social media account, the next step is writing the eBook. This is the hardest part, probably the most time consuming. You need to have an outline of what to write about and utilize your creativity to craft what good for the audience. In case of difficulties, you may consider outsourcing the writing task to other writers. To successfully write an appealing eBook, here are some tips to help you.

– Write a book about an interesting subject

– Have the book properly edited and proof-read

– Format the book correctly with the guidelines in HTML and MS Word.

– People judge books by their covers therefore ensure that your cover is professional.

– Write a great description for your book

  1. Editing, Proofreading, and formatting your eBook

kindleAfter you have written the eBook, the next step involves seeking a third party to proofread and edit your work. In the work of eBooks, the book cover, and description sales your copy. To format your book, you can do it yourself or pay someone to do it for yourself. Many platforms offer cover and formatting services at a price.

  1. Use your platform to publish your book

Based on the book publishing platforms outlined in this guide, make a choice on the one that best suits you. Different platforms have different compensation packages, and thus, you should do your research to work on the one that best suits you.

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